Terms & Conditions

Since it’s a pretty difficult product to sell, warranty wise, here some terms and conditions:

General terms and conditions

Welcome to the ThatStock-website. We kindly request that you read through the general terms and conditions before using this website. You are thus accepting and agreeing to be bound by these general terms and conditions. If you do not agree with these general terms and conditions, please do not use our website.

Article 1 – Amendments

We retain the right to update and amend the conditions at any time without issuing prior notification. Every time a purchase is made, the conditions must be accepted as they may have changed since your last purchase.

Article 2 – Transactions

When you place an order on ThatStock, you must then complete the payment. We retain the right to reject or limit orders. These restrictions may also apply to future orders originating from the same account, the same credit card and/or the same invoice and/or receipt address. If we consider it necessary to reject an order, you will be contacted via the email address, invoice address or telephone number that was provided when you placed the order.

Article 3 – Items

All of the items on the ThatStock website are 100% genuine and are sold in original packaging, unless explicitly stated otherwise. The prices indicated include VAT (21%) but exclude shipment costs and any other, additional costs. Our VAT rate is in line with the margin scheme for collectors’ items and second-hand goods. The images and descriptions of the items will be clear; you get what you see. Be aware that filling or a tensioning device may be used in the photos of items, changing the shape of the item in the photo. A flash and lighting is also often used, meaning the colours may differ slightly between the photo and reality. The majority of our products are collectors’ items and intended to be displayed rather than worn. We offer no guarantees that the items can be worn; you do so at your own risk. If you have any questions about the condition of a specific item, please contact us.

Article 4 – Availability

All items on the ThatStock website are offered as long as stocks last. When an ordered item goes out of stock (permanently or temporarily), we will notify you as quickly as possible and you may decide to cancel or change all or part of your order. ThatStock cannot be held liable for damage that could be caused due to temporary or permanent out-of-stocks.

Article 5 – Payment options

We accept three payment methods: (1) Direct Bank Transfer (international): This payment method is intended for international buyers who do not have a PayPal account. You can transfer the total amount for your order to our bank account. Be aware that this payment method can take 1 to 5 working days. Once you have placed your order, we may ask you for a screenshot or photo of the transaction. This payment option is free. (2) iDEAL: Dutch buyers may pay via iDeal, using internet banking. This payment option is free. (3) PayPal: ThatStock charges 4% of the total amount of your order for this payment method in order to cover the corresponding PayPal costs. If your PayPal is linked to a credit card you may also have to pay credit card costs. This does not apply to payments from your PayPal balance or a connected bank account. All payments must be made in Euro. If the amount received by ThatStock is insufficient, you will be asked via email to transfer the remaining amount.

Article 6 – Transport

Items will be sent once the full payment amount has been received. The risk of loss and/or damage during transport of the ordered items is for your own account. You must understand and agree that ThatStock cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage caused by the (shipment) service that we offer. When you order ‘Sneakers’, all orders will be sent from abroad with a tracing code and shipment insurance of up to € 500. Orders within the Netherlands will be sent via standard delivery. When you order ‘Crep’, only orders of large quantities of product will be sent with a tracing code and insurance. Make sure that your address details and telephone number are entered correctly when placing your order. All items are purchased at your own risk. Damage caused by shipping will be for your own account or must be addressed by you, with the shipment service. We are not liable for the loss of packages by our delivery service. ThatStock will send you the tracking and tracing and contract information for the shipping service if you require it. Once you have obtained the information, it is your responsibility as the customer to contact the shipping service in order to resolve any disputes. We are not responsible for the tracking/tracing information provided by our delivery service.

Article 7 – Import tax

If you place an order with ThatStock, which must be sent to a destination outside the European Union, you may have to deal with import regulations and/or taxes corresponding to the relevant country. We are not responsible for the resulting direct or indirect costs. We do not have an overview of import regulations and/or taxes and we cannot predict how much you may have to pay. Contact your local tax office for more information about customs and/or excise regulations.

Article 8 – Delivery

When you purchase our products, we will send the order within 5 working days of the payment having been received. If this is not possible, you will be notified. Orders that are placed for countries outside the Netherlands will be sent out within 10 working days. ThatStock has no control over this. This can vary by destination country. ThatStock is not responsible for exceptional delays (e.g. customs) involving the shipping service and we have no control over this. When you place an order with us, you accept the risk that your delivery date could be delayed. 

Article 9 – Returns 

All of our items are unique for you as a customer and will be sent in unique sealed bags. You may only make returns if these sealed bags are intact and unopened. The product must be sent back in exactly the same condition that it was sent out. This means: in an outer with the necessary protective materials. After receipt, inspection and approval of the returned items, ThatStock will ensure that the paid amount is refunded to the account that was used to make the original payment. We will indicate, particularly when it comes to shoes, whether we believe that they are unworn (deadstock) or not. Even unworn shoes can crack due to ageing. We recommended that these shows are not worn. Worn shoes can also show traces of wear. We will give a percentage that indicates whether they are in good condition. For example: 90% would indicate that there may be slight wear on the sole. The lower the percentage, the more signs of wear.
The packaging, e.g. shoe boxes, could also show signs of wear. This will not be specifically indicated for the item. As far as possible, the condition of the items is given on the corresponding images and in the related descriptions. It is not possible to enter into discussions about the condition of items thereafter.

Article 10 – Privacy

We respect our customer information as private and confidential and this information will not be sold onto or shared with other parties. You can visit the ThatStock website without having to provide personal details. We will only use your details to ensure that your request is dealt with as quickly and simply as possible. Your details will only be used for other purposes with your express permission.

Article 11 – Liability

ThatStock is only liable if we have demonstrated clear negligence or careless conduct vis a vis our customers. Despite the fact that the greatest care is taken in compiling the website, ThatStock is not responsible for inaccuracies, incompleteness or any direct/indirect consequences arising as a result of the information provided on this site. Dutch law shall apply to these terms and conditions.